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Why Homeowners Prefer Concrete for Driveways

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One of the best ways to improve the property value of your home is by adding a concrete driveway or repaving your current driveway with concrete. Concrete is a durable substance – a substance which, when applied correctly, greatly enhances the look and value of a property.

Concrete Driveways Designed to Look Like Stone or Brick

What’s more, you do not have to settle simply for concrete. This driveway product is now designed to look like stone as well. Whether you want the smooth look of concrete or want to achieve a brickwork effect, you will appreciate the quality and appearance of this type of driveway material.

High Quality and Economy

One of the most common reasons homeowners opt for concrete is the fact that it is a high-quality material which is also economical. The material features initial costs that are competitive and requires little maintenance over time. As a result, you are provided with a no-worry driveway – one that will impress anyone viewing your property.

A Clean and Professional Look

The clean and professional appearance made by concrete cannot be overstated. These driveways are built to outlast other driveway materials. Only natural steel or rock materials can stand up to abuses like concrete driveways in Mitcham. That is why concrete has a great reputation. Plus, you can let your imagination play to create any type of colour, pattern, or texture for today’s concrete driveways. All these looks can be duplicated when you apply concrete.

Easier to Maintain

Regardless of your landscaping or your home’s architecture, you can find a concrete installation that can be incorporated easily into the exterior. By choosing concrete, you can enjoy a beautiful driveway for about 30 years. Whilst installing concrete takes longer than asphalt, it does not require as much maintenance. Asphalt must be seal-coated periodically to keep it from cracking.

Providing the Best Finish

When concrete is used for a driveway mix, at 4,000 psi, along with 6% air-entrainment should be applied. A water-reducing admixture is often advised to reduce concrete’s cement and water ratios. High-performance concrete features water-lowering admixtures and fly ash to supply long-term resilience and flexibility. This can be attained by not adding water. A high-performance concrete can easily be installed, as well, which makes it possible for your contractor to provide the best finish.

Types of Finishes

Two types of finishes are employed when concrete is applied for driveway use – either a broom finish or hard-trowelled finish. Broom finishes are usually used outdoors and offer slip-resistant surfaces. Trowel finishes, on the other hand, are normally applied in indoor applications, or where a flat and durable surface is needed.

One thing you have to be aware of – concrete can crack. However, a crack rarely, if ever, affects concrete’s structural integrity. Most cracks emerge because the driveway was improperly designed or installed. Therefore, if the driveway is installed correctly, cracks should not be an issue. Also, expansion and contraction during cold periods can lead to cracks. When concrete is applied, it will shrink during the curing process. Therefore, it is essential that the joints are spaced properly.

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