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Why A Local Cleaning Company Should Be Your First Choice

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We have all seen buying local campaigns and why it is so important that you use local suppliers when you do your shopping, but this is just as important when it comes to choosing services as well, as local companies should always be your first port of call where possible.

Whilst there are hundreds, if not thousands of national cleaning companies, it is not always the best option to initially head for the big businesses that cover the country, as whilst you might end up saving a little bit of money and time, the more you invest in finding a local cleaning company could be well worth it, as put simply, keeping business local is not just about getting a really good result when it comes to how clean your home or business is.

Shopping locally keeps money in the local area and creates stability and jobs, which is a core reason why you should always think about hiring local businesses and local service providers, before you head directly to a national company. The better your village, town or city is doing, the more prospects it creates for future generations, which means more jobs, more options and hopefully a better quality of life. This is why keeping business local is so important, as you are not only going to end up getting an amazing job completed, but for the future aspects, it can help keep your whole area sustainable.

On top of doing your bit for the local economy, choosing a local cleaning company for your domestic or commercial needs also offers great benefits for you, the customer as well, and here are just a few reasons why.

Local Recommendations

When it comes to recommendations, nothing beats the recommendation based on previous experience of the company that you are considering hiring, and if this comes from friends, family or colleagues, then it is even better. Trying to hire a local company often means you can drill down and find out the truth about how good they are, and if they are a small operation then you can really find out just how good they will be for you and your requirements.

See The Quality Of Their Work

If you live locally then you can easily ask to go and see their current cleaning work and results, or at least speak to the people they have been working for, as quite probably, you might even know them already. Never be afraid to ask for client feedback and testimonials, and also never be afraid to follow this up either and double check what they are saying.


If you continually see people in your local shop, pub or at events, then they do not want the embarrassment of having delivered a really poor, substandard job, whereas a national company can often hide behind a call centre and offer little, to no accountability. Local companies are often willing to try harder and do more for you because they need you to be happy and they need you to tell others, and of course, they need you to not have a horror story that could ruin their reputation.


Local businesses are often smaller and therefore can off more flexibility, and whilst that might mean simply that they can come out at quicker notice, it might also mean that they can go outside of their normal services and do extras for you as well, as they are not tied by huge corporate guidelines and procedures that they simply have to follow.

Thanks to Vapor Clean Bristol for taking the time to speak to us and provide us with this interview.

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