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What makes Heat Pumps a Popular Choice with People

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Have you been hearing about heat pump air conditioning of late? You should be rest assured that it would be for a good reason. The split system heat pump has been deemed an air conditioner that would cool the house in the summers. However, when you reverse the cooling process, the unit would effectively heat the house in winters. With the energy prices coming up significantly, a majority of people have been looking forward to opting for thermopompe air climatisé. It has been deemed the best method to save on utility bills.

Working of heat pump air conditioner

The heat pump air conditioning unit works to move the heat from one location to the desired location. However, the movement of heat would be usually from lower temperature to higher one. The technology used for dispensing heat from one area to another would be largely used in different kinds of industries. It would be inclusive of food preservation in the form of freezers and refrigerators of different kind.

The same technology has been made popular in the region of thermal comfort. In case, you were thinking over heat production, the technology would be largely helpful. Therefore, with various models offered by competing manufacturers, the utilization of this technology has been made popular for both large and small-scale industries.

Let us delve on the benefits offered by heat pump air conditioners to that of air conditioner and furnace combos.

  • The price difference

There would be relatively small difference between heat pumps and split system air conditioners. The switch would transform the AC unit into a heat pump slit system. The process would be reversing the role on indoor and outdoor heat exchangers. Therefore, the price of heat pump is not deemed higher than the overall price of air conditioning unit.

However, on adding the cost of necessary furnace to the cost of air conditioning unit, you would realize that cost to purchasing and installing the air conditioning unit and furnace would be slightly higher, as compared to installation of the heat pump.

  • Operating efficiency

The versatile design of the heat exchanger in heat pump would lower its cooling efficiency, as compared to air conditioning unit. However, the major difference between heat pump and air conditioner and furnace combo would be shown on the utility bills of the winter months.

The energy efficiency of heat pumps would be double to that of the furnace.

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