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Use the Services of a Colour Consultant When Painting Your Home

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You may love a certain paint colour when you see it in a store. However, your idea about the hue may change once you walk inside the door of your home. That is because the light in your home can affect the way the colour is perceived.

For example, a nice, warm beige may appear drab when you view it at night under artificial lights. By the same token, the same colour may look warm and inviting when you look at it under natural light. That is why you need to seek advice from a colour consultant when you requisition the services of a Perth painter.

Obtaining Colour Advice

By speaking to a colour consultant, you will not feel any regret about your colour selections, which is something that can happen if you do not carefully review the sample colours first. When making a choice for a colour, you need to consider the wall on which it will be applied. Some walls face north whilst other walls face south and the sunlight hits them in different ways. Therefore, you need to carefully consider this when making a colour selection.

For example, a blue colour might look colder when you place it on a wall that does not receive much sunlight. However, the same colour might enliven a space if the wall receives plenty of natural light. Therefore, what you choose for a colour is based on the area where the paint is applied and the shades and tones that are conveyed.

Reviewing Exterior Paints

By speaking to a colour consultant, you can avoid any big mistakes that are made before the paint has been painted on a wall. Make sure that you work with a consultant who is well experienced. For instance, when a colour is considered for an exterior, the consultant will review the streetscape or how the colour will harmonise with the other homes in the area. He or she will also consider your home’s best and worst features. For example, what is the first thing that you want people to see? How can the paint colour conceal any problems?

The orientation and lighting conditions will also be reviewed. Again, a full northern light will make a colour look different than when a colour swatch is reviewed inside. If the paint colour will go on the interior, the consultant will look at how the colour will be incorporated into the décor. How is the space used? Also, he or she will look at how the colour complements the furnishings and other finishes.

Colours also highlight certain pieces of art or architectural features. This will also be considered when a colour is chosen for use indoors. That is why you need to talk to a colour consultant before making a paint colour choice.

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