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The Top Five Aspects which Make Quartz Countertops an Excellent Choice

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Quartz has always been popular with those looking for quality as well as style and modernity in their kitchen worktops. But quartz worktops offer more than these – it truly is an investment for the modern kitchen as it can last for decades and it doesn’t need too much care or maintenance, unlike other worktop materials like wood. Quartz is truly one of the best and most practical materials you can find for your kitchen worktop. But what else do you need to know about quartz worktops and why they’re an excellent choice? Here are the top five aspects which make quartz countertops a brilliant option.

  1. Colour consistency

Many of us would like to have a uniform look in our kitchens, with everything looking shiny, organised, and clean. If you want something more uniform and consistent, then quartz countertops are definitely for you. Unlike natural stones like granite where one slab is not like the other, quartz slabs are engineered, which basically means that they can be made to look exactly the same. With quartz worktops, you’ll have a more consistent look and colour in your kitchen.

  1. A non-porous quality

Compared to other worktop materials, quartz can also be distinguished because of its non-porous quality. Quartz worktops are resistant to all kinds of stains; it won’t absorb a liquid spill or stain, so you don’t have to worry about your worktop becoming damaged or discoloured.

  1. Low maintenance

Maintaining your quartz worktop is definitely a breeze. All it needs is a good wipe down with a clean and damp cloth, and you don’t need to worry about streaks, either. It doesn’t need any buffing or polishing or sealing, and regular cleaning using some gentle soap and water is enough.

  1. Resistant to heat

Perhaps one other quality which sets quartz worktops apart is the material’s resistance to heat. If you have a busy kitchen, you may make the mistake of placing a hot pan on the countertop. If you had another kind of worktop, it can easily be burnt or damaged by the heat from the pan. But this isn’t the case with quartz countertops. Quartz worktops are resistant to heat, and if you accidentally place a hot pan on the surface and not on a trivet, it won’t result in irreparable damage. Of course, it’s still best to use pads and trivets for hot pots and pans, but accidentally placing a hot object on the worktop won’t damage it considerably.

  1. Incredibly hygienic

Hygiene is an issue for many, especially for those with young children. But quartz worktops are also known for being extra hygienic; it doesn’t encourage the growth of bacteria or mould, which makes it easier for you to prepare food directly on the worktop’s surface.

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