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Importance of a Single Point of Contact for Roof Lantern Installation

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If you are a contractor that provides your customers with the option to install a roof lantern or sky light as part of a wider conversion or extension it is vitally important that you can trust your suppliers to be reliable and trustworthy. When it comes to roof lanterns the process of installation can be very precise, and once completed will leave your clients with a wonderful addition to their home. If you have the correct, stylish materials at hand to add a roof lantern and complement the current style and aesthetic of the project you are working on, it can make a real difference to your reputation.

One way in which you can improve the service you offer to your clients is to have a strong relationship with your roof lantern supplier, working with them closely to deliver exactly what your clients desire and being able to acquire advice and guidance where necessary in terms of precise installation guides and to meet delivery schedules.

Co-Ordination During Planning Stages – Working with your clients during the design and planning stages of a project ensures that you have as much information as possible. Putting together a plan for any construction project will have many different factors to consider and by having the finer detail of requirements from your client prior to any design and planning being finalised, you can do everything in your power to ensure that no one is disappointed. As you’ll be working with suppliers for a roof lantern, this information is crucial, to work out the bespoke dimensions required, style and colour that your client has asked for.

Delivery and Installation of Roof Lantern – Your clients will be reliant on you to provide them with everything they have asked for in terms of the design of their extension or the application of a roof lantern on an existing flat roof extension. You are there point of contact and because of that it is vital that you have everything you need in terms of materials, guidance and product knowledge. A contractor will work best with a supplier that they can trust. Look for a company that can provide you with the highest quality of materials, offer flexible delivery schedules and offer guides and expert assistance should you require some help with the finer details of the roof lantern you are fitting for a client. Delivery is a delicate process, with the best option being that the roof lantern arrives to its destination with the frame and glass in separate delivery packages, to be assembled at a later date. That way you can guarantee that all the materials are in perfect condition prior to installation.

Once a roof lantern has been carefully and securely installed using the dedicated and thorough installation guides that your supplier has provided you, your client will be extremely happy. Having a single point of contact is a bonus, as they don’t have to worry about interacting with various suppliers. Instead, you can gain all the plaudits and reward, but to do so you have to be armed with a quality supplier and expert information to help you produce the goods when installing a roof lantern.

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