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House Plan – Things You Need to Know Before Buying One

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Many people are confused whether they should buy an online house plan or hire an architect. If you are planning to purchase a house plan online, then you need to guard yourself against those online stock house plan companies that sell poor quality plans.  They don’t include necessary information required for safe construction of your home.

Advantages of hiring home plan companies

Building a house design is a long-term process. You would want a professional who is involved with the design and understands your house and its requirements to achieve the best result.  Hiring a state licensed engineer will help in analyzing the design and offering additional calculations and drawings needed by the local building department.

House Designers at plans-design.ca have the top standard approval policies that conform to the code. All their house plans are guaranteed to follow the “International Residential Code.” As stock plans don’t have a professional stamp attached to it.

Pros of buying a stock plan

Websites that offer stock plans are structured to assist you in shortlisting your choices by gathering initial information on the kind of home you wish. You can easily select a specific plan type such as single family, 2-story, duplex, or single story, number of beds/bathrooms, suit your requirement best. You can even have get assistance from a licensed architect on placing an order. With these websites, you can customize your house by saving styles and designs from different homes.


So, if your building department needs a house plan, then online stock plan will get a stamp from a professional who bears a license where you want to build it. In such a case, you will be required to take the house plan to a local architect or engineer for stamping and reviewing.

In an online house plan, you are unsure whether you will have the accessibility of architects and home designers from the stock house plan website.  They may be available at the time of the initial purchase, but you need to know about their long-term availability.

It may be possible that the professional with whom you have worked at the starting would not be available at the end. It can also become frustrating to get architecture and home design services from a new person every time.


Both of these methods have got their own merits and demerits. Considering them will help in making right decision for your project.

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