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Are You Seriously Considering to Use Slab Floors? A Few Aspects to Know

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We are quite familiar about the usage of concrete material in order to fill the base of our house for creating basements and for solid foundation. Nowadays there is another alternate, where instead of pouring concrete, slabs are used for both walls as well as for floors.

However, there are both advantages as well as disadvantages of using concrete slabs for your home or any commercial premises. Therefore, before considering to use such slabs, it is better to be aware of the pros and cons of choosing this option.

Let us consider following few aspects:

  • Durability

For durability and strength of the floor or wall, concrete is always a better choice as it can last longer and considered to be durable for such purpose. In comparison with wooden floor or wall, concrete is much stronger. Wooden material can either break or rot after few years of use.

Having said this, you have to also remember that if proper environment is not maintained like exposure to freezing water etc. can also shorten the lifespan of any concrete floors too. It can either make it crack or weaken the concrete. Though such damage is not immediate, and if the concrete is allowed to remain under such hostile environment then its life can be reduced too. However, if you take proper care about environmental factor then you can use concrete slab floors for quite a long time.

  • Color

As far as color is concerned, the concrete slabs are mostly available in gray color, which limits your choice of color. However, you can decorate or color the floors as per your choice or you can decide to use a carpet of any color of your choice and match with the décor of the room and its furniture and furnishing items. However, some people may prefer to display the floor instead of covering with carpet. For such people there may be issue of acid stains, which is generally used for cleaning the floor. Sometimes such stains may become a permanent feature of the concrete.

  • Insulation

This is another issue with concrete slabs as it can easily conduct with heat and thus during extreme cold seasons, it may become too cold and may need more energy to keep the floor warmer. Therefore, you will need to use any carpeting material so that you can increase the insulation factor of the floor. If you like you can also use protective layer over the concrete floor in order to make it little thermal resistant.

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